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Gal's Sushi for lunch - quality has gone down significantly :(

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It's Tuesday! Meaning day off for me. Meaning mom is too tired to cook for lunch so we go out to eat. So I chose
Gal's Sushi for lunch today, since I've been meaning to try their lunch combos for quite some time + I've also liked bento boxes - they're so cute!

The restaurant is situated next to a pub and a hair salon, Hair Monet, in the building next to HSBC at Hwy 7 and Warden Ave. The owner and staff are Korean, however they serve both Japanese and Korean food. My first time at Gal's Sushi was on January 24th, 2009, according to the date on this picture above. Our parents had gone on vacation, and 啊哥 and I were craving for some raw fish. Hearing that the new sushi place (new at that time at least) was pretty good, we decided to try it out for dinner. We ordered one of those big sashimi platters and a soon tofu dish and we barely finished it all. For just 2 people, I think we did a pretty good job (45 pieces for 2 + soon tofu in 1.5 hours!). The fish were very fresh, much better than the ones in AYCE. Although the quality of the fish wasn't supreme, after all it wasn't a high-class sushi restaurant, but for Markham, I thought it was fresh and tasty enough while being not too pricey either. I didn't like their soon tofu though.

Now almost 9 months later, the quality has definitely decreased significantly. I ordered the sashimi, sushi and roll box for $7.99 (it looked like the best deal on the menu) and 啊媽 chose pork bone soup also for $7.99. There were a small salad and miso soup for each person, and if you order a Korean main course, they also serve one dish of glass noodles and one dish of potatoes covered in that brown gooey sauce. Unfortunately, the glass noodles were very bland and the potato sauce was sour and tangy, compared to the sweet one at Nak Won. Not to mention, the potatoes were over-fried, resulting in a very dry texture and the edges were too hard to chew.

啊媽's pork were so stringy, like the ones we use to add flavour to 老火湯 (Chinese soup boiled for a very long time) and the soup wasn't as savoury as Nak Won's. The portions were also much smaller, only 2 pieces of bone.

My raw fish box wasn't as great as I hoped. The sashimi weren't fresh and very thinly-sliced. The salmon tasted worse than the one I ate at AYCE @ 八太郎. With the same bad-quality fish, there were also 4 pieces of sushi - salmon, butterfish, tuna and shrimp. As for rolls, there was a roll stuffed with avocado and crab meat, one with spicy salmon, and one that was lightly fried. Surprisingly, I liked the fried one best - there was a thin layer of crisp and it wasn't oily at all. In addition, the rice served were just normal rice, not even Japanese vinegar rice. Half-way through the bento box, I was already full.

Overall, don't eat Korean food here - go one block West and there's a Nak Won conveniently located in FMP. Better food for a lower price. If you want sushi, I would much rather save up and go to Cafe Michi's or Zen's. There's no reason why I would want to go back here again.

Gal's Sushi
3621 Hwy 7 East, Unit 106, Markham ON L3R 0G6
(905) 305 - 7753
Open 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM everyday

PS. A friend of mine have also experienced bad service + bad food at this place, and finding a big bug in his food too.

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