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Regal Palace 富豪金閣 - pretty good Cantonese cuisine, but at a pretty expensive price

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My family and I had Mid-Autumn Fest dinner with family friends the night before last, a day after the actual holiday to avoid the crowd. However, it was still pretty busy at Regal Palace 富豪金閣, a higher class Chinese Cuisine restaurant located behind Goldenview Centre on Hwy 7. Look for the purple sign.

The decor is elegant, subtle rose prints over the walls and ceiling. The tables were covered with the more expensive kind of table cloth, not the off-white at street booths but the ones at banquets. The chairs even had cute gold bows on them! I love bows. On anything.

With the 6 of us, we ordered the 4 person meal + 2 extra dishes on the side.

Starting off with the fish stomach soup with crab meat 蟹肉魚肚羹, which was average. Kind-of skimpy on the crab meat.

The crispy skin chicken 脆皮雞 was pretty good, the skin and meat were both tasty. Be careful the yellow dipping sauce might be too sour.

豬脖肉 Spicy pork neck stir-fried with celery and snow pea shoots. Pork neck is usually a bit fat but very 爽 but theirs was EXTREMELY CHEWY. Holy. I chewed over 3 minutes per piece. Not to mention it was pretty spicy. This was one of the dishes added on top of the combo so DON'T GET IT.

This is one of my favourite Chinese dishes of all times: 賽旁蟹 stir-fried egg whites with shrimp and scallop on top of broccoli. Usually it's served with a raw egg yolk on top and you get mix it all together yourself with vinegar (now that I type it out, it sounds kind-of weird if you haven't eaten it before.. but it's very very very good). Not the best I've eaten but pretty good nonetheless. This was the second dish added on top of the combo.

The fried tofu and fried fish pot. Warning: the fish pieces have bones in them. Therefore, I didn't enjoy this dish as much (too lazy to pick out the bones).

This was stir-fried shrimp and scallop over broccoli, which looks similar to the 賽旁蟹 but without the egg white, add several complete pieces of shrimp and... GIANT SCALLOPS! I love giant scallops, tender and delicious.

By this time, I was completely full. But I still ate 1 piece from this dish 蒜蓉白菜苗 stir-fried small bok choi (I can't help it -_-) and it's a fairly light dish, without so much oil and salt. Too bad it came so late.

And if you didn't notice by now, their plates are gigantic. Very inefficient and difficult to arrange on a table, like a tetris puzzle.

Dessert! 椰子布丁, 荔枝布丁 and 紅豆沙 Coconut with yellow bean frozen pudding, frozen lychee pudding and red bean dessert. The lychee one was very sweet. And I dislike 紅豆沙 ever since I was little. I'll continue not to touch it. Ugh.

Service was pretty good; the waitresses co-operate and help out each other whenever they can. However, near the end of the meal, I'm pretty sure we waited 10+ minutes for our dessert to arrive. Dessert is one of the easiest tasks to serve; they're all pre-made. I don't understand how it can take that long to scoop some 紅豆沙 red bean gunk into bowls and retrieve a plate of frozen puddings from the fridge. The bill arrived incredibly fast in comparison. Gee, I wonder why.

By the time we left around 8pm, it was fully occupied. Some pretty affluent people in the area I'm guessing, since many of the neighbouring tables had wines being served with large plates of seafood. One of the tables beside us even had
5 bottles of wines and 1 bottle of water for their table of 4. Alcoholic much?

Another fine Chinese Cuisine on Hwy 7. Not bad so far, but I find it still a bit pricey even for the "higher class" Chinese food they serve. Each plate is $18 or more. The entire meal for 6 including tax and tips was $150. The larger combos do seem to have bigger portions (and even bigger plates), maybe I'll get a chance to try those if we have a lot of company one day.

Regal Palace 富豪金閣
350 Highway 7 East, Unit 101, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3N2
(905) 707 - 0988

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