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Tokyo Grill - small, authentic Japanese restaurant serving simple dishes

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I was first introduced to Tokyo Grill by David and Benben, as they were always raving about it a couple years ago, when Benben lived in Victoria College, a residence near Yonge St. It's a very small, cozy restaurant. Good place to eat with a friend or two.

JT & I were on Yonge St. and wanted to a light dinner before we headed to rock climbing so we decided to stop by Tokyo Grill, near Wellesley Station. I remembered last time I was here, their tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) was not bad,. So we ordered it again along with curry on rice.

A simple, tangy salad to start the meal.

The curry tonkatsu with rice! The portions of the tonkatsu was disappointing (5 pieces?!). But I did like the crunchy dark red pickled radish on the side.

The pork cutlet was crispy, but I didn't find it as good as the ones from 品味空間 Cafesta. There seemed to be very little meat. On the other hand, the curry which consisted of carrots, potatoes and pieces of beef, was not bad. It was also thick in consistency, which I liked.

No complimentary dessert nor fruit pieces to end the meal. :( For a small salad + curry tonkatsu with rice but very little meat, it was $10.95 + tax&tips. Expensive for what it is, but afterall, we are eating on Yonge St., near Eaton Centre & UofT residences. But I think I'll go try Tokyo Kitchen next time, just a block away.

Tokyo Grill
582 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z3
(416) 968-7054

PS. They accept cash only.

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2 Responses to “Tokyo Grill - small, authentic Japanese restaurant serving simple dishes”

  1. jon says:

    Wow I remember the curry katsu being small but not that small. It was a pretty long time ago but I thought this was one of the best curry katsu dishes I've had in Toronto taste wise...not so much for price/value. J-Town (woodbine/steeles) I heard also does a pretty good curry katsu.

  2. kat says:

    Hmm maybe I was just unlucky and received a small portion :(

    It's been a while since I've been to J-town, but I agree, it was good from what I remember. It's definitely on my must-revisit list! :)

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