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Kon-nichi-wa Japanese Restaurant - tiny, authentic Japanese restaurant near UTSG & OCAD

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So. I haven't been updating. Blame JT for hoarding my pictures.

Well there were also midterms, Kevinbobo's birthday dinner, watching the Canada VS. USA Olympics hockey game, and 林海鋒 Jan Lamb's stand-up comedy show at Casino Rama. So I guess it's partly my fault too. Partly.

Before I start the first review of the huge backlog of posts I have accumulated, today I saw an article on BlogTO called "A dim sum experience that's worth the trip to Etobicoke". And I thought to myself, it's probably Grand Chinese Cuisine, the one I raved on and on in my review about Toronto's best dim sum that's not as expensive as Lai Wah Heen. And I was right. :D Check it out!

Kon-nichi-wa Japanese Restaurant, an extremely small restaurant located on Baldwin St. & Mc Caul St. in downtown Toronto. It's like the midpoint between UTSG and OCAD.

Renée, David, Johnny L and I went here for lunch on a weekday and it was PACKED because it's so small. There were probably 8 tables for 2 in total. Since we had 4 people, we had to wait for 2 adjacent available tables. So we stood outside, freezing for half an hour.

Warmed up with a cup of hot green tea and started ordering. I admit, I was surprised at their prices: they are certainly not for your average student. A lunch meal here will cost over $10 for sure. Renée and I ended up ordering a katsu curry rice, while the guys ordered the udon lunch combo.

Not too long after, our katsu curry rice came: breaded pork cutlet on a bed of rice with curry sauce, steamed vegetables and pickled radish. In fact, it was LOADS of curry sauce and big portions of pork cutlet, but then again for ~$14, it better be big portions.

Thick, breaded pork cutlet.
I can't stress how thick the pork cutlet was. It was the thickest breaded pork cutlet I had AND not tough at all. It was even a bit juicy! I enjoyed it a lot. The curry on the other hand, was too spicy, which covered the curry flavour. Renée and I were constantly drinking water to suppress the heat.

The guys' udon combo came with a bowl of plain udon + avocado roll + shrimp and vegetable tempura ~$12.50. They said it was good, the udon tasted better than the usual packaged ones.

The curry katsu rice came up to $17.50 including tax and tips, which is not cheap at all. But it was not bad quality-wise. I'd probably come back if I was really hungry for katsu curry rice and I felt like indulging in an expensive meal.

Kon-nichi-wa Japanese Restaurant - click here for their online menu
31 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1
(416) 593-8538
Opened: Monday - Saturday 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Konnichiwa Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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