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Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine 名門金宴 - alright dim sum but at a high cost

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I know I know, I need to update more often. I've noticed that since the inception of this blog, the number of entries posted each month have been steadily decreasing. To think, I actually wrote 24 entries within the 30 days of September last year! But as if right now, I'm still getting used to this "experience all you can each day and try to blog in whatever remaining time you have left" type of lifestyle. Otherwise, I'd have no content to blog about. I just came back from Singapore last night and am going off to China and World Expo on Saturday. Rest assured that I took a lot of photos so lots to share soon!

Sometime in April, I went to eat dim sum with grandma and relatives. My aunt, a restaurant manager, wanted to test Casa Imperial's quality since Casa Imperial 名門金宴 is supposedly the best among the company's 3 Chinese restaurants. It is located at the Southeast corner of Steeles Ave. East and Warden Ave. Note that parking is a hassle unless you generally have great luck at getting parking spaces in Asian parking lots during busy hours. I, who has a record of horrendous luck at most things, ended up driving over to the T&T plaza across the street and walked over.

It's one of those classy, elegantly decorated Chinese restaurants. Quite nice. I couldn't take a picture of inside the restaurant without feeling awkward, knowing that the numerous rich housewives who were there with their BMW's, Lexus and Mercedes in the parking lot would be starring at me.

Their dim sum menu. Besides the usual Cantonese dim sum items, they do have a few innovative dishes.

Deep fried dough with pine seed 崧子炸兩腸. Average, the 腸粉 part was too thick and the deep fried dough part wasn't freshly fried, hence it was chewy instead of crispy. And such small portions! Only 8 pieces...

Deep fried slices of squash and oyster mushroom with spicy salt. I personally didn't like this dish; there was nothing special about it at all. Just thin slices of squash and mushroom fried (no amazing batter either) with some spicy salt sprinkled on top.

Milk tart with swallow's nest 燕窩奶撻皇. The milk custard filling was not bad but the crust was way too thick. Every bite was a mouthful of crust.

Deep fried meat dumpling 金珠咸水角. To be honest, I don't remember the verdict on this; no harsh criticisms nor happy faces come to mind so I'll assume it was average.

Scallop & spinach dumpling 鮮帶子菠菜餃. Average.

Crispy red bean & lotus root stick in coconut flavour 黃金椰汁紅豆蓮藕條. I've never seen this dish before at other restaurants. I thought it was not bad, just too sweet for my taste. However, my family didn't think it was that good. Not much red bean flavour (which I prefer so maybe that's why I thought it was alright).

Seafood dumpling in Guava shape 海鮮石榴餃. It looked cute, but the dumpling skin was too thick and had no taste. Average filling.

Chicken feet with gluten in Chu-Hou sauce 醬汁生根蒸鳳爪. Not bad, but 阿媽 liked the ones ata La Chine Cuisine 粵式生香 better.

Papaya & custard cake 木瓜千層馬拉糕. The sponge cake actually consisted of multiple layers which was nice. I didn't think the papaya added much to the cake though.

BBQ pork bun with abalone sauce 鮑汁蠔皇叉燒飽. The bread part was quite nicely done, very fluffy. The sauce was good too, but more sauce to balance the bread would be better. Still, not bad at all.

Milk and papaya puff 木瓜鮮奶酥. I forgot to take a picture of this dessert before eating it but it was pretty tasty.

This meal was a funny experience. When there's a Chinese meal with an aunt that's a Chinese restaurant manager, her husband who's a chef at another Chinese restaurant, a grandma who still cooks for her family, a mother who loves to criticize food, and a blogger who loves to eat, it's funny. We all have an opinion on every single dish on the table. The result is a non-stop loud chatter about food, food, food.

Since Casa Imperial, after all, is a "Fine Chinese Cuisine", it was a relatively expensive meal. The meal itself was alright, but I don't think it's worth the money we spent on it. I rather go to Grand Chinese Cuisine for the same cost.

Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine 名門金宴
4125 Steeles Avenue East, Scarborough, ON
(416) 756 - 2788

Yup, it's almost that time of the year again: Toronto's best annual Asian night market, Night It Up! 2010 is back on Friday July 9th and Saturday, July 10th. Mark your calendars now!

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