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Sushi Couture - Best sushi joint on Bloor

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It's been about 8 months since I last ate and reviewed in Toronto. So when I came back, I was really eager to try out some new restaurants that have suddenly sprung up around the city while I was away. One of which is Sushi Couture.

As most people know, Bloor St. already has a fair share of sushi restaurants: Big Sushi, New Generation, Sushi on Bloor, J Time, and Mariko just to name a few. Unfortunately, most of these are terrible.

So when Charles informed me that there has been word on the block that the new Sushi Couture is actually good, I made it my top priority to try out this restaurant as soon as possible.

Sushi Couture is located in between Spadina and Bathurst Station (but slightly closer to Bathurst Station), a few doors down from New Generation and right across the street from Sushi on Bloor. Talk about tough competition.

I did some research on Chowhound before coming, and had the impression that it would be a rather pricey meal since the chef is from Japango after all. But surprisingly, the lunch special menu had prices in the usual range. And all the lunch sets include miso soup and a small salad.

Super large cups for hot green tea. I like.

Miso soup and tangy salad, pretty good.

Charles and I both ordered the chirashi set for $10.99. And it was good, not okay but actually good! The fish were fresh and the quality of the fish were also noticeably better than the nearby restaurants. I loved how they were thickly sliced, making each time your teeth dugged into the fish, it left you satisfied with this meaty bite. The sushi rice was OK, I'd prefer if it had more vinegar taste.

Salmon, BC tuna, red tuna, butterfish, shrimp and egg/tamago on a bed of sushi rice.

Best part was that the tuna and butterfish were seared on the outside, but only a little bit, leaving the center still raw. Both Charles and I really enjoyed the seared butterfish, it was really good. The seared outside made the usually really fatty fish (very "lau") less fishy and less of that fatty feeling.

Our waiter (manager maybe?) was very nice and even initiated a small chat about my camera. He was also very attentive and made sure our tea cups were filled all the time.

I've read many reviews on both Chowhound and Yelp regarding this restaurant; there seems to be a mix of positive and negative reviews. However, the general consensus seems to be that you should only order sushi/sashimi here, and not udon or their other hot dishes.

My own experience was that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here. I believe this is a wonderful addition to the Annex neighbourhood, and hope their quality won't deteriorate any time soon. Although the fish selection on the chirashi wasn't that varied, but $10.99 for fresh, good quality chirashi? Yes please, I'll be coming back!

Sushi Couture
456 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON M5R
(416) 538-8618

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2 Responses to “Sushi Couture - Best sushi joint on Bloor”

  1. Onelle says:

    I tried this place because of you. I ordered chirashi as well. It was yum. There's this.. oily sauce that they put on top of a piece of "white" fish and that was.. heavenly. :)

    Btw, i tried this place called today called: 7仔 on Seven. (Warden and Hwy 7) its new.

    dont go! Funny story tho tell you another time :D

  2. kat says:

    Glad you enjoyed their chirashi too!

    This is the only place where I actually like eating white tuna.

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