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Bb33 Bistro + Brasserie - Winterlicious lunch

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Last month, I went to two Winterlicious meals in one day. This is the first one - lunch at Bb33 bistro + brasserie.

Located a few minutes away from College Station, Bb33 is a small bistro who I hear also serves a pretty good breakfast/brunch buffet.

The bread and butter were cold. Nothing very memorable.

Shirley and I ordered two appetizers to share. First was the Charred Sweet Ontario Corn Chowder; Double Apple Smoked Bacon Slivers & Garlic Chive Oil. Warm, thick and chunky. Not bad, but a bit too heavy.

The second was the Tapenade and Chevre Goat Cheese Bruschetta; Grilled Flatbread with Aged Balsamic Reduction & Basil Oil. We were both really disappointed with this dish. The flatbread was not crispy at all, to the point that it was almost soggy. There were uneven clumps of goat cheese, some had a lot while others didn't have any at all. Unimpressed.

For main, Shirley ordered the Old Fashioned Savoury Steak Pie Braised in Port Wine with Field and Forest Mushrooms, Baby Pearl onions, Whipped Sweet Potato, Steamed Green Asparagus. The pie crust was very buttery, but I don't recall it being very flaky. The mashed sweet potato was alright. Shirley said she didn't like the braised beef and had higher expectations for her dish.

I order the Candied Pecan Crusted Bay of Fundy Salmon; Served with a Piedmont Truffled Yukon Gold Spun Potato, Fresh Asparagus Spears and Blistered Grape Tomatoes, Zinfandel Wine Gastrique. Surprisingly, the salmon was warm and very tender, not dry at all. The skin was slightly crispy, creating a nice contrast between the salmon's skin and meat. The mashed potatoes were average, not creamy enough for my taste.

For dessert, we both ordered the Frangelico Scented Crème Brûlée; In a Coconut Brandy Snap Basket with Fresh Berries. The 'basket' was crispy and quite unique. However, both Shirley and I didn't like the actual crème brûlée part. As you can see, it was barely torched and the texture wasn't the kind to which I'm accustomed. The plated berry jam was also way too sweet and tasted a bit like artificial flavouring. In the end, we both regretted not ordering the other dessert option.

Service wasn't as attentive as I would like, perhaps because it was Winterlicious season. $20 + tax&tips per person. Overall, the meal was alright but only the salmon was noteworthy.

Bb33 Bistro & Brasserie
33 Gerrard Street West, Toronto
(416) 585-4319

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