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Fred's Not Here - Winterlicious/Valentine's Day dinner

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This year for Valentine's, JT and I went to Fred's Not Here on King St. West (we went to Maxim's the year before for their all-you-can-eat dessert).

Although we were prepared for sky-rocketed prices because of the celebrated day, fortunately Fred's Not Here was still serving their Winterlicious menu for the Valentine's Day weekend.

A casual atmosphere yet a little romantic at the same time.

For starters, I decided to go with their famous baked lobster and crab soup. It didn't disappoint, I was yearning for more soup even after my bowl was done. However, the pastry was very buttery, making the entire dish a bit too heavy for my preference.

JT ordered Wood Grilled Cumin Chipotle BBQ Lamb Ribs with Black Bean Sweet Corn Salsa as appetizer. He said it wasn't that great, the meat was a little stringy, perhaps due to the meat being cooked for a bit too long.

While allergic to shrimp and too lazy to de-shell crabs, I've always been a fan of lobster. This is their Roasted East Coast “Hard Shell” Canadian Lobster with Linguine Mussels & Clams Marinara. The lobster was cooked nicely, not a bit raw yet not overcooked. Pasta was a bit softer than al dente, which I didn't mind. But what surprised me the most was the mussels - they were soft and delicious! First time I had mussels like this. Often times they're way overcooked, making them chewy, in addition to this unpleasant taste that usually accompanies it. The ones in this pasta were nothing like that.

Surf & Turf – Wood Grilled “Certified Angus” N.Y. Strip Steak & Roasted Cuban Lobster Tail in Garlic Butter, Duck Fat Frites & Vegetables. JT's portions were much smaller than my lobster and seafood pasta. Nothing very memorable about his dish. Except that we thought the huge bok choi was a bit random.

Just noting the difference in knives we got. The steak knife was much bigger and sturdier.

We both decided to have the Vanilla bean Cheesecake for dessert. It was very soft, very delicious. There was the fragrance of vanilla bean in every bite. My only complaint was that I didn't like the bottom crust that much. Don't really remember why (what 3 months can do to my memory).
The dinner set was $35 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Not bad for the price.

Currently, they are also having a "Special Lion King Dinner/Railway Children Dinner/Mirvish Theatre" 2-course meal for $25 in co-promotion with the famous production in Toronto. Only available to Mirvish/Lion King ticket holders. View more details here.

Fred's Not Here
321 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1J5
(416) 971-9155

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  1. Cindy T says:

    I went here for my birthday last year..or maybe it was two yrs ago. Lobster bisque, yum! <3

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