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Win's Seafood Restauran 嚼通天 - 鯊魚骨湯魚蛋粉 Fish ball noodles in shark-bone soup

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Despite the numerous complaints I've heard about this restaurant, especially regarding dinner (where my little cousins complained about the food) and the service (that involved unsanitary fly-swatting), some people have went back simply for their 魚蛋粉. So I decided to give it a try. Back when there was still snow.

Shark bone soup! Complete with a typo. I've heard reviews saying their 鯊魚骨湯魚蛋粉 fish ball in rice noodles in shark bone soup is quite good, especially the soup base.

So we had one order of it.

The noodles were very average, so were the fish balls/fish cakes. The soup was indeed more flavourful than most places, but I didn't really love it. Personally, I prefer 金風 Phoenix's Yunnan Vermicelli with Deep Fried Tofu Fish Cake in Shark Fin and Pork Bone Broth 魚翅骨豬骨湯魚腐米線.

滑蛋魚柳炒河粉 scrambled egg with fish slices with rice noodles.

We also ordered a bowl of congee, turns out to be a Chiu Chow style congee.

If you like 魚蛋粉 in a flavourful soup, then check out this place, though it didn't suit my tastes. Otherwise, can't find any reason to come back.

Win's Seafood Restaurant 嚼通天
50 Lockridge Ave, Unit #1
Markham, ON L3R 8X4
(905) 305-6634

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