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I refuse to eat instant ramen everyday. Maybe udon though.

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For the past two months when my parents were away, I spent most of my time at home, which forced me to cook my own meals. And because I doubt I will ever do a step-by-step, photo-heavy blog post on each of the following dishes, I compiled the recipes and links here. Next time your parents leave for vacation, if you're feeling extra culinarily adventurous or just tired of instant noodles, try these out!


Savoury Steamed Eggs 蒸蛋
Although I admit I love to eat, I don't go to fancy dinners very often. Maybe a few times a year (as seen from the type of restaurants I tend to review). I love foie gras, truffle oil and all that expensive jazz, but what I really love and prefer is simple homecooked meals. Steamed eggs is on my top three list of things I love to eat. This stuff is freaking awesome. Simple ingredients (eggs + water + seasoning + minced pork/duck yolk/crabmeat/whatever you like) and easy to assemble. Just not the timing part - that takes practise. But SO GOOD!

Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausage 煲仔臘腸飯
This is one of my favourite winter meals - it's super easy to make, fragrant and reminds you of home. Simply wash and rinse rice as usual and place into rice cooker with water. Slice up the preserved chinese pork sausages, the duck sausage and pork belly and add them on top of the rice. Then add some chopped leaves of your favourite leafy vegetable and sprinkle them on top. Push down the cook button and just wait!! Feel free to add other mushrooms, onions etc. that you like.

Pioneer Woman's Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce
A creamy, tangy pasta which may take a bit of time to simmer for flavour but still very easy to make. This is hard for even me to mess up.

Other dishes you may like to try: scrambled eggs with tomatoes 番茄炒蛋 (though personally, I like the two separated), Japanese instant curry + rice/spaghetti/udon and if you're super lazy, just do hot pot.


During this period of time, I've also been baking at least once a week. There was a terrible cycle of trying to be resourceful: Hmm I have leftover egg whites, OK I'll make poof-arons (an attempt on macarons and failed, hence poof!). That resulted in leftover ganache. So I made chocolate truffles. But seeing how I made 3 crack pies in 4 days, I still had more than half a dozen egg whites leftover. ARGH this never-ending cycle!!

AllRecipe's Best Ever Banana Bread
Just like the name says, nothing beats this amazing home-baked banana bread!
Some notes: I used 4 frozen black bananas, 1 1/2 cups is waayy too sweet so try 1/2 cup white sugar + 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and add a little less than 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract. Pre-greasing the pan is not necessary either.

AllRecipe's Soft Oatmeal Honey Cookies
I didn't have brown sugar when I made them so I substitute the amount with white sugar + a tablespoon of honey. Resulted in a hint of honey in every bite!

Salty Tart's Chewy Chocolate Meringues
A soft, airy shell with a very, very chocolatey and sweet center.

David Chang's Momofuku's Crack Pie
Makes 2 servings. Expect intense caramel-ness for a much lower cost!

SmittenKitchen's favourite chocolate chip cookies
Also David Lebovitz's recipe from his book The Great Book of Chocolate. Be warned that it's quite chocolatey and sweet.

David Lebovitz's French Chocolate Macarons with prune or chocolate ganache filling
He also published Pierre Herme's recipe for his ketchup macarons here.

Joy of Baking's Chocolate Truffles
I had leftover chocolate ganache from making chocolate macarons so this is a good (and easy) way to use them efficiently! Or you can just eat all the leftover I suppose.

David Lebovitz's Perfect Panna Cotta
Incredibly easy 5 minute recipe to Italian dessert! I paired it up with fresh, delicious raspberry coulis.

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