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Chatime - new bubble tea chain in Toronto

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To say that Chatime is probably the best bubble tea in Toronto and the GTA at the moment is a pretty brave statement.
But ask anyone who has been to Chatime and they would tell you it's definitely better than any Tea Shop 168, Go For Tea and Destiny drink. Originating from Hsinchu, Taiwan and now with 500+ stores in over 12 countries, it's not hard to see why!

They are also around the same prices too - $4.20 for a regular size, $4.70 for a large.

Chatime is located on Dundas St, West of Bay St. It's a few doors down from Kenzo Ramen and right next to Don Don Izakaya.

The main difference is due to the tea they use - freshly brewed everyday. But the best thing about Chatime is that you can choose the level of sugar and ice in your drink - just like in Taiwan!!!

Sugar amount: 0%, 30%, 50%, 80%, normal and extra sugar
Ice amount: no ice, less ice, normal ice, and extra ice

My usual order is 80% sugar and less ice.

Vanilla milk tea, Roasted milk tea and Pearl milk tea. Out of the three, the winner is definitely the Roasted milk tea!

The week after, we had Matcha milk tea and Taro milk tea. The matcha milk tea actually comes with red beans originally but since I'm one of those weird Asians that dislike red beans, I had them take it out >_>. However, the sweetened red beans were supposed to compliment the drink, so my plain matcha milk tea with 80% sugar tasted like it had no sugar at all. Now you know not to repeat my mistake :)

Taro on the other hand was good. They use a different powder/syrup than other bubble tea places, resulting in a slight gritty/sandy texture like real taros.

This is a terrible photo but I wanted to point out that the drink on the left with the black jelly was SO GOOD! It was Roasted milk tea with grass jelly. Growing up with the iconic light green can of grass jelly at home, I was never a fan of it. However, Taiwan's milk tea with grass jelly changed me. The grass jelly at Chatime really adds to the roasted milk tea, making a great combination. Definitely give this a try!

We can't compare to Taiwan and Asia, but for Toronto, Chatime is all we have. Once you try it, you won't want to go anywhere else! :)

PS. There's something called "QQ" on the menu. In Taiwan, we refer to foods that are chewy as QQ, for example tapioca, aloe, etc. I even had rice and bread that are QQ too!

132 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M5G 1C3
(647) 340-8406

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