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Guu Sakabar - a look at Sakabar via pictures

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It's been well over a year since I first visited Guu Sakabar (back when it first opened). I have previously reviewed Guu Izakaya but I thought I should still give a picture review despite the delay. Because you can never get sick of Guu - it's too Guu'd!

I really love the uneven cubic decor at the Sakabar, on both the walls and ceiling. Sticking to their signature theme of the colour black, wood and dimmed lights, the second Toronto Guu establishment also has that festive, bustling environment.

Sapporo Big Mug ($9.60) - Big is an understatement. This mug is GINORMOUS!

Takowasabi ($3.50)

Deep-fried chicken knee cartilage ($5.20)

Oden Moriawase - 6 kinds of assorted oden ($7.50)
I've tried oden a few times, in Asia and at Guu, and I'm still impartial to it. Although I like the softness and the juice that is absorbed into each variety, I'm not a big fan of the blandness.

Oshi Zushi ($9.90) - pressed mackerel sushi
My must-order dish at Guu Sakabar! I LOVE how fresh the mackerel is at Sakabar. Paired with some chopped green onions to balance any fishiness, this is definitely the best dish at Sakabar.

Rice Burger ($5.80)
One of the weakest dishes I'd say. The burger was bland and the meat was rather dry. A let-down compared to our envisioned beloved rice burger from Mos Burger.

Magutata ($6. 80) - torched marinated big eye tuna
Delicious tuna that's perfectly seared on the outside and scrumptiously raw on the inside.

BBQ Pork - Char Siu ($6.00)

Carbonara Udon ($8.30)
The signature Guu creamy carbonara udon.

Temari Zushi ($8.90)
One-bite salmon sushi balls. Yum.

Hotate Butter ($7.20)

Kushi Moriawase ($7.80) - 5 kinds of assorted kushiage
I am also not a big fan of their fried skewers; nothing particularly special about them.

Saba Pon ($5.20) - marinated mackerel with ponzu sauce
I remember being disappointed by this dish. Definitely pales in comparison to the oshi zushi pressed mackerel sushi.

Almond Tofu ($3.50)
Love the silky, smooth almond tofu at both Guu locations.

Cheese cake ($4.00)

Since these pictures and prices were from a year ago, the prices and variety might've changed by now. Regardlessly, I definitely still think Guu is the best izakaya in town, in terms of both atmosphere, quality and value. However, I slightly prefer the Guu Izakaya over the Sakabar due to wider variety and more seafood-based daily special items.

Guu Sakabar
559 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1Y6
(647) 343-1101

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